Can you tell the difference between uncoated, matte, and gloss paper? The difference can be found in the amount of coating applied to the paper.

ALS Print Solutions provides a wide range of paper finishing options.

Uncoated Paper | 0% Coating

Uncoated paper has no extra coating or paper finishing.  There is no glare on the surface which makes it great for reading and text printing. This is the easiest paper to write on since there is no coating to smudge any ink or pencil applied to it.

Matte Coating | 25% Coating

Matte coating has little glare, and gives a boost to the contrast of your photos. Choose Matte Coating for your next print project if you are looking to reduce glare, but have your images and text look bold.

Gloss Coating | 50% Coating

Gloss coating is a coating that helps images pop with the deeper contrast this type of paper provides. This coating is ideal for showing off vibrant colors.

UV Gloss Coating | 100% Coating

UV Gloss coating is best for the deepest color and best contrast. The high shine provides a professional and vibrant look when printed.

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