10 Creative Point of Purchase Displays for Candy!

15 Creative Point of Purchase Displays for Candy!

Nothing helps people get through a Thursday like looking at pictures of candy….


These mint tins are adorable!
The illustration is kind of frightening, but it certainly catches your attention.
I love the three tiers on this display

This one displays each flavor well, and the colors look so nice together
The mustache guy…
It’s like a candy forest
The circles make this one catch your eye
Cool POP and package design
Simple, yet effective…!

PSI Fox Valley provides a wide array of packaging solutions designed to fit your specific product, market and required level of product security. We offer assistance with all aspects of the process, beginning with concept and package design through final fulfillment. 


• Polybagging
• Blister Packaging
• Clamshell Packaging
• Shrinkwrapping
• Folding Carton

Logo Design Process

Logo Design Process

Recently, I (the Graphic Designer at ALS Printing)  designed a logo for TNT Powder Coating. Here is a visual guide to the steps I take when planning and creating a design.


 First, I begin by creating thumb nail sketches of any idea that comes to mind when I think of the company and the type of design they need. These are spontaneous and help get all of my ideas on paper before going to the computer…

different ideas
Next, I take the best sketches and try to recreate them on the computer. I create a lot of potential logos, so the customer can get exactly what they envisioned.
The logo should be able to hold it’s own in black and white, so now that the favorite designs have been narrowed down, I add color.

A final logo was chose from the pool of designs, and was then used on different items for TNT Coating, such as a business card. I hope you enjoyed this guide to how a design is created!

When you design do you need to start on paper, or do you work better on the computer right away?

ALS Print Solutions in Oshkosh Wisconsin

ALS is a provider of managed print and promotional procurement solutions for clients in a broad array of industries. We specialize in freeing customers from handling difficult, time consuming tasks by combining our specialized equipment and facilities with the craftsmanship and attention to detail provided by our experienced staff. We provide unique ways to save you time, money and resources by letting experienced people do all the work for you. We’ll take care of the details, and let you focus on your core business.

We offer…

  • Print design
  • Full color print production
  • Print bindery
  • Promotional kit assembly
  • Paper finishing/packaging
  • Point of purchase display assembly
  • Package Design
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